©2013 Dave Kilgore/Dave Kilgore Music
Need music written and recorded for your film?

Do you need original music beautifully written, orchestrated and recorded for your film or commercial?

Dave Kilgore is a veteran actor, pianist, composer, playwright and studio music artist
with the tools and experience to supply you with just that.

From classic to intense to romantic to futuristic to dramatic to comedic,
Dave can write and record for your project with feeling and originality.
Dave has scored multiple films, as noted in part on his IMDb
page under Composer Credits.

Fun music in "The Lemonade Stand"
Futuristic music in "Broadcasts From Voyager Prime"
Gentle music in "Unplayed Piano"
Hard rock in "You Can't Kill Gideon Gates"
Mysterious background in "Cashews"
Smooth orchestration in "I, Zombie"
Suspense and comedy music in "Alibreze"

Dave Kilgore can compose and record the musical pieces for
whatever mood or message your film's score needs to portray.