©2013 Dave Kilgore/Dave Kilgore Music
Do you need music written and recorded for your film or commercial?

Do you want a fun musical play for your theatre group?

Dave Kilgore is a veteran actor, pianist, composer, playwright and studio music artist
with the tools and experience to supply you with your music scoring needs.

Music in film is just as important as story, cinematography, acting, sound, and editing.
Without the right music carefully contoured to your film, the passion can easily be lost, and the film will never reach its full potential.
Music is an overwhelming power that helps to drive your story and captivate your audience.

From classic to intense to romantic to comedic to futuristic,
from film to commercials to stage,
Dave can write and record for your project with feeling and originality.
Dave Kilgore has been playing music for over forty years, and composing for nearly as long.
He is an actor, long time professional pianist, singer and entertainer, writer, filmmaker, film composer and musical playwright.
With this kind of experience comes an intuitive insight as to what the camera is depicting on the screen, what the characters are feeling,
and how the director wants to reveal the scene to the viewing audience.

Whatever the mood or style,
Dave Kilgore has written it to the great satisfaction of clients and audiences.